Shipwrecked Under Suspicion
Murder Mystery Event & Dinner, Mariner's Wharf, Hout Bay

You are invited to attend a murder mystery event filled with riptides of suspicion and slimy deceit in Hout Bay which offers stunning views across the bay and dining cabins themed to famous ships.  The seafood menu is a delicious bonus!

Your event will take place in one of the private dining cabins which are themed to seafaring history and famous ships, such as Queen Mary and those of Union Castle which frequented the Cape.  The venue not only offers authentic harbour side ambience and spectacular views, but also incredible seafood.

Event:  Murder Mystery
The Murder Mystery Challenge allows  members of your corporate team to lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily as they assume a personality role and problem solving techniques to find out "Who-did-it?!" All delegates receive a character script and tips of what clues you can reveal or conceal to cover-up potential guilt.  This is not a supper stage with professional actors... you may just find that the actors from your office have hidden personas as clues are collected, questions asked and performers attempt to prove their own innocence.

Script:  Shipwrecked under Suspicion
On a dark and stormy night, the SS Kakapo ran aground at Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town.  Struggling ashore her crew and passengers had no alternative but to leave the vessel in search of a safe dry place to spend the night. 

Exhausted and disheartened, they walked until finally arriving at a rustic lodge surrounded by an expanse of Wilderness.  Offered food and board by the owners, they resolved to rest for the night and commence planning the salvage and restoration of their vessel in the morning. 

What they could not have foreseen was the murder of Captain Duncan Fernando as a further hindrance to their onward voyage to Southampton. 

Expect a mystery overflowing with scandalous undercurrents and premeditated sabotage.

Price:   Per person ex vat valid until December 2019

 Persons 10 - 19
20 - 29 30 - 39 40 - 49
 Cost R 945 R 745 R 695 R 645


  • Venue
  • Murder Mystery Event
  • Props: eye patches
  • 3 Course Dinner
  • Gratuities on meal only


  • Transport
  • Beverages
  • 15% Vat

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Terms & Conditions

Shipwrecked & Under Suspicion
Mariners Wharf
Hout Bay

Tel:   021 789 0093
Cell:  082 076 3460

Price: From R645 pp ex vat

Min: 10
Max: 49

Mariners Wharf

Murder Mystery

Three course Dinner