Slangkoppunt Lighthouse
Tallest Cast Iron Lighthouse in South Africa, Cape Town

Slangkop?(meaning Snake head) Lighthouse in Kommetjie?has been burning brightly since 1914,? and became fully automated in 1979. The tower's light shines 33 nautical miles out to sea from its 33 M circular construction.

First commissioned by Sir Francis Hely-Hutchinson (Governor of The Cape of Good Hope) to safeguard against shipwrecks on the rocky shore. One of South Africa's oldest lighthouses it emits four flashes every 30 seconds with a candlepower brightness of 5 000 000 C.D. on a focal plane of 41m above high tide.

Experience It
Guided tours take you up a steep internal spiral staircase that climbs this faithful beacon standing 100 feet from base to wire mesh balcony. Painted white like a nautical guardian angel, this is the tallest cast iron tower in South Africa.

Tours delve into the history of of lighthouses on the South African coast and reveal why South Africa is one of the only countries that still require Light House Keepers on staff. Climb to the top for a revolutionary view of the region, no torches required.

Entrance Fee
R16.00 Adults
R10.00 Students & Pensioners
R8.00 Kids

Slangkoppunt Lighthouse
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: 021 449 2400

Entrance fee Range
Adults: R16.00
Children under 12: R8.00 pp
30 mins
Operating Hours
Mon - Fri
10h00 - 15h00

Tallest lighthouse in SA
Meet the Lighthouse Keeper
Panoramic views
Learn lighthouse history