Top 10 Places to Propose

The story of how you proposed will be told to friends and strangers for the rest of your lives.  Choosing the right setting for your marriage proposal can make all the difference.   Put your own spin on any of our favourite spots to pop the question ….”Will you marry me?” 

1. At the top of a lighthouse

Take a trip to Kommetjie and propose at the top of Slangkoppunt Lighthouse .  Your proposal just has to include something along the lines of “You’re the light of my life “ .  Cheesy but it will be sure to make her laugh !

Lovers Tip: Spend a night at the romantic and rustic Slangkop Tented Camp or if you after something more luxurious go for Kommetjie Beach Cottage.

2. In the Air

This one seems to have a 100% YES record! The big question can be popped before the ride, during the heli flip or on landing. It seems the landing part is the preferred choice as it’s easier to go down on one knee when you hit solid ground. But she’ll be impressed, awed and stunned by the experience and the beauty of a helicopter flip over Cape Town.

Lovers Tip: View our Cape Point Helicopter Package:

3. On the beach

We love Cape Point and the thought of a white sandy beach all to yourself, a rock in your pocket and the whisper of the waves with you, make it a fabulous place to propose.   It’s windswept, wild and beautiful, with plenty of places for clifftop walks and super easy to combine celebratory bubbly afterwards at the magnificent Two Oceans Restaurant for celebration bubbly with ocean views

Lovers Tip: Get to Cape Point on a Vintage Cape Side Car

4. With African Penguins

Penguins are incurable romantics and have witnessed more than one smitten chap falling on one knee in front of his darling! The African penguins at Boulders  Beach in Simons Town are monogamous and mate for life so proposals at this place of lifelong commitment seem stamped with approval!

Lovers Tip: Have dinner and overnight at Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant:

5. On horse back

Do you have yourself a country girl? Maybe she is an uptown girl but riding horses has always been on her bucket list. Either way, a romantic beach horseback ride on Noordhoek Beach is a very creative proposal idea.

 Lovers Tip: Check out this overnight Coastal Country Chic package .

6. On the water

For the more adventurous couple a romantic Sea Kayak paddling to the Boulders Beach Penguin Colony in Simons Town could be an original way to proposal.  Plan ahead with your guide to arrange a secluded spot on the beach to pop the question!

Lovers Tip:   Spend a romantic night at the luxurious Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel

7 . Under the water!

This will surely take her breath away! Getting down on one knee in flippers may be interesting but it sure will be entertaining!  Be sure to ask the Scuba Diving instructor to record it so you can see for yourself.

Lovers Tip:  Book your underwater proposal with Pisces Divers in Simons Town.

8. On Chapman’s Peak

There are numerous view points and picnic spots along the 9km drive that is Chapman’s Peak.  It is spectacular at any time of day, however  sunset has a magical orange glow and just oozes romance! One good spot is to hang out at the forts on the Hout Bay end which are easily accessible and fairly private.

Lovers Tip: You can follow the proposal with a romantic dinner at Pure Restaurant and optional overnight at Hout Bay Manor.

9 . With a sunset picnic

Spend an idyllic afternoon in Noordhoek relaxing on Cape Point Vineyards rolling waterside lawns and enjoying the magnificent mountain and sea views!  At a small additional cost arrange a set up including umbrella, blanket and pillows  in a spot of your choice.

Lovers Tip: Spend a night at Noordhoek Stone Cottage for a Romantic Getaway

10. Under the stars

The best place for observing stars is far from the city lights, where there is less light pollution. The Cape Point Route offers great stargazing which is hugely romantic!  We suggest that you over night at one of the tented camps for your star gazing proposal.  

Lovers Tip: We recommend the Smitswinkel Tented Camp as they include a kitchenette and ensuite bathroom. 

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Need more ideas?

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