Winter Teambuilding- do it indoors

Winter is an excellent time to build team spirit in the office. Teambuilding comes in different formats and are all designed to produce different outcomes. The fun active outdoor challenges can be weather dependent so this month we bring you a selection of our favourite indoor teambuilding events.  Other challenges can be adapted for weather conditions so do look at the selection of all our teambuilding events here to select a teambuilding activity that suits your requirements.

indoortemabuildingAll teambuilding challenges are tailor made and tackle communication (understanding spoken and unspoken communication and how people interpret the same thing);  work trust; problem solving or team work. Sometimes a teambuilding challenge provides that break from the daily office routine to re-energise the team or to work on cooperation between team members.


Minute to Win It:
This teambuilding event is based on the TV show A Minute to Win It and comprises of action packed challenges completed by an individual or part of the team in 60 seconds. Many of the challenges use ordinary household challenges in extraordinary ways.  Some of the Challenges include: Scrunch & Throw; Marble & tube; Marshmallow tower; Bucket Head; Drop Goal; Shoot the Hoop; Full tilt Boogie and many more.  Read More…

Cost Per Person: ex vat

10 – 19 Pax

20 – 49 Pax

50 – 69 Pax

70 – 149 Pax

150 + Pax

R 416

R 368

R 337

R 311


Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It


Murder Mystery Challenge:

One of our personal favourites as it is quite different to most other teambuilding challenges. Adults tend to bring their corporate persona to the teambuilding challenge & even though they are in a new setting they relate to each other in the same way.  If your boss is dressed and characterized you see a hilarious new side of your work colleagues.  In this challenge each person is given a character, all of whom are accused of murdering a poor soul. Each team has to prove their innocence by using their powers of deduction and following the clues to identify the true murderer.   There is a choice of an existing script or having an original script written for your team.  The cost does not include the venue or the meal as this varies from location to location. Read More…

Cost Per Person: ex vat

Persons 10 – 20 Pax 21 – 40 Pax 41 – 60 Pax
Existing Script R 350 R 200 R 150
Original Script N/A R 350 R 200
Murder Mystery Challenge

Murder Mystery Challenge

Quiz Nite Teambuilding: 
Quiz Nite offers a variety of fully customizable corporate quiz options. These dynamic, fun and entertaining events cater for all interests. Topics range from sport and entertainment, to art, literature, history, geography, Science& Nature all the way through to current affairs, which means there is a section for everybody to excel at. As an alternative you can theme your quizzes to focus on a specific topic. 10 categories, 50 questions – which team knows the most?! It’s fun, it’s easy and the winning team retains bragging rights! Read More…

Cost Per Person: ex Vat


30 – 49

50 – 79

80 – 149




Quiz Nite Teambuilding

Quiz Nite Teambuilding


The Masterpiece Art Expression:

This teambuilding challenge brings out the creative skills amongst the team as each team receives a segment of a larger image which is the Masterpiece itself.  Use perception to determine what section you are painting and see the final image when all the segments are fitted together. Read More…

Cost Per Person: ex Vat 

10 – 19 Pax

20 – 29 Pax

30 – 49 Pax

50 – 79 Pax

80 – 124 Pax

R 579

R 474

R 416

R 395


The Masterpiece Art Expression

The Masterpiece Art Expression


Casino Royale:

Enjoy the thrill of breaking the bank, becoming a paper billionaire or losing a fortune. Few can resist the exhilarating atmosphere of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. The  anticipation as the ball is about to drop or when the cards hit the table can turn into an evening of glamour with none of the risk.  Professional croupiers and tables are provided with blackjack, Texas Holde’m, roulette and dice tables.  Personalised funny money is provided to all guests. This is a great event for the final gala evening of a conference or year-end function.
Price on request as varies according to number of tables, which tables and size of venue.
Read More…

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