Murder Mystery Dinner Events

Murder Mystery Dinner Events

Experience an evening of Mystery & Deceit at any of our carefully selected private venues which have been cleverly matched to a script. All of our Murder Mystery Dinner Events include a Private Venue, Three Course Menu, Props, Designed Invitations & Facilitated Murder Mystery Event.

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The Murder Mystery Dinner Event is a fabulous corporate Year End Function which allows  members of your corporate team to lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily as they assume a personality role and problem solving techniques to find out “Who-did-it?!”

All delegates receive a character script and tips of what clues you can reveal or conceal to cover-up potential guilt.  This is not a supper stage with professional actors… you may just find that the actors from your office have hidden personas as clues are collected, questions asked and performers attempt to prove their own innocence.


The Characters
Eight characters are suspected of murdering a poor hapless soul and it is each team members’ aim to prove themselves innocent by using their powers of deduction and correctly accusing another character of the murder.

The Action
The group will be divided into groups of 8 representing the 8 suspicious characters involved in the mystery. Each team member will receive a Character Booklet including an identifying Character Mask.  The scene will be set and in the following three acts, each team must then follow the clues provided and interrogate the other Suspects to solve the murder.

This can be done over breakfast, lunch or dinner or as a Stand Alone Event

The Facilitation
Our professional murder mystery hosts will ensure that everyone is part of the mystery.  Your host will guide you the game step by step; helping with character interpretations, interrogation of clues, gameplay, and arouse your crowd. Your host will also take care of all the behind the scenes work too.


A three course plated meal will be served between Murder Mystery Scenes.

Dress Code
Time to lose those inhibitions !  Dress up and play the part!

Getting guests to dress up or participate unites them, regardless of their position within the company. This is effective in breaking possible barriers and forcing them to see one another in a more human light, particularly in organisations in which there are large divides between management and the blue collar workers.

Themed Events
Themes are a fabulous way to create hype and excitement around an event and to involve the guests. A theme can also aid in conveying an idea or concept associated with a new product, service or company identity.

Year End Funtions  

Year End Functions are a way of “paying it forward” to employees. Not only are Year end functions a way to “give back” to your team, but they can also be a great way to get the team fired up and excited about the upcoming season or year.

Year end functions don’t happen on their own though, they require planning and preparation – especially in Cape Town, where popular venues are booked out far in advance!

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