Indoor Teambuilding

Most of us spend 240 out of the 365 days in the year at work. During our hectic daily hours of meeting deadlines there is very little time to get to know our colleagues on more personal level outside of the office. Taking your staff out of the office environment gives them the opportunity to build relationships and form bonds which will enhance their performance in the office.

Hence the term “Team Building” which has many connotations.   Team building exercises are important not only for the immediate experience performed by the team but also for group skills, communication and bonding as a result.  The actual activity is merely an means to the end – a high impact learning experience where the individuals are required to complete a task as a team to contribute to a common goal which is exactly what most companies strive to achieve in the office.

The main goals of team building are to improve productivity and motivation.

  • Taking the staff out of the office
  • Helping to break down barriers
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Identifying the teams and individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves problem solving and time management
  • Defining objectives and goals
  • Improving team moral
  • Improving productivity

But most importantly the team must have fun! And this is where we come in…. Especially in winter where outdoor teambuilding activities can be hampered by the notorious “cape of storms” . Here are some of Cape Point Route’s most popular indoor teambuilding events and activities:

Murder Mystery Challenge:  Rate: R200 – R350 pp | Duration: 3-4 Hours  
Rate: 21- 40 people with an existing script R200 pp
Rate: 21- 40 people with an original script R350 pp
The Murder Mystery Challenge allows  members of your corporate team to lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily as they assume a personality role and problem solving techniques to find out “Who-did-it?!” All delegates receive a character script and tips of what clues you can reveal or conceal to cover-up potential guilt.  This is not a supper stage with professional actors… you may just find that the actors from your office have hidden personas as clues are collected, questions asked and performers attempt to prove their own innocence.  The group is divided into small teams or departments. The scene is set and there are 4 rounds of clues provided with a few open questions thrown into the mix.  Individuals must follow instructions, question other suspects and attempt to reveal the murderer. Read More… 

Murder Mystery Teambuilding Value:
• Following instructions & routine
• Problem solving & decision making
• Role delegation
• Communication & collaboration
• Teamwork & establishment of motive
• Learning trust & strategy

The Masterpiece: Rate: 21 -40 people: R480 pp | Duration: 3 Hours
The ideal ‘art’ challenge to bring out the creative skills amongst the team. Each team will receive a small segment of a larger image: “The Masterpiece”. Teams must collect information, blue prints and paint and deal with segmental team work as they grab their brushes and paint their way to success with mini challenges and interactive exercises along the way. It’s an active, dynamic workshop held indoors with a result that could be mounted in your offices! Read More…

The Masterpiece Teambuilding Value:
• Inspire innovation & spark creativity
• Test team dynamics – problem solving
• Build trust between teams
• Time management
• Build confidence & collaboration
• Revitalise a one team philosophy & have fun

Quiz Nights:  Rate: 30 – 49 people: R80  | Duration: 2 Hours
Quiz nights offer a variety of customisable corporate quiz options. These dynamic, fun and entertaining events cater for all interests.  There is a section for everybody to excel at as categories include:  History, Geography, Science & Nature; Sport; Music (audio clips); Art & Literature; a Guest Section; Current Affairs; General Knowledge and Film. Alternatively you can theme your quizzes to focus on a specific topic. There are 10 categories and 50 questions. Read More…

Quiz Nights Teambuilding Value:
• Promote communication
• Free & open engagement (ice-breaker!)
• Strategy Development
• Low –pressure group bonding
• Fun, interactive, informal activity

Vegas NitesRate: 20- 35 people: R245 pp | Duration: 4 Hours
Enjoy the thrill of breaking the bank, becoming a paper billionaire or losing a fortune. Few can resist the exhilarating atmosphere of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. The  anticipation as the ball is about to crop or when the cards hit the table can turn into an evening of glamour with none of the risk.  Professional croupiers and tables are provided with blackjack, Texas Holde’m, roulette and dice tables.  Personalised funny money is provided to all guests and can be a great event for the final gala evening of a conference or year-end function. Read More..

Teambuilding Value:
• Networking
• Motivational
• High energy & fun
• Foster team spirit
• Player excitement
• Guest interaction

Contact Cape Point Route to help you organise a memorable day or evening with your team. Teambuilding events help develop working relationships, understand individual & team strengths, talents and weaknesses and will leave your company with a shared positive experience.
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