How to choose a Team Building activity for your company

You have been tasked to organize your company or department team building activity by the boss.  Don’t panic!  We KNOW that the most common corporate team is actually a bunch of ill matched individuals, who accidentally are put together with a “leader/manager”  and who are then meant to perform as a team.

This team is not really a team.  The individuals have various skills and personalities. They may have pre-conceived ideas of other team members, or  ideas or agendas that remain hidden from each other.  Your job is to pull everyone together in one morning or day as you organize the company teambuilding event and make sure it’s fun!?!


You roll your eyes and think of the first superficial activity that will force everyone together in some sort of awkward scenario, knowing that everyone is hating the process and wishing it would end.  Make life easier for yourself and find out the following information to save you time and deliver a  corporate day that is a success.
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  1. What is the objective or goal for your team building event?
    Ask management and get input from the team to establish the purpose of the event as this will help determine what activities will work and keep the day linked to the business plan.
  2. Who are the participants in this teambuilding event?
    There is the obvious immediate team member group but are any key external people participating.  Make sure you have the group size,  age range, gender split and physical capabilities of your group when starting your enquiries.  Some activities may have restricted numbers and some teams may have very fixed interests.
  3. What is your teambuilding event budget?
    Be realistic and find out what the budget it and what needs to be included.  Does the budget include transport, meals and drinks? What costs are needed for the facilitators, the venue hire, food & drink, decor and entertainment, prizes, photography, clean up.  Remember that your company will be paying for planning the event, co-ordination of several suppliers, all activities, kit & equipment, event staff, insurance, venue hire, and possibly catering, refreshments or even accommodation – whether it’s your time or a professional company.
  4. Where will the teambuilding event be held?
    This of course will depend on the activity in question but take note if travel to or from the start/end are required and how your team is getting there.  How long will it take to get to the event?  The venue may depend on whether you do outdoor or indoor challenges.  How much space do you need for the team building activity? What provisions and facilities are available at the venue?  Check details and the small print and make sure details are confirmed in writing.
  5. When will you having your teambuilding event?
    Have a date in mind for your company team building event and preferably an alternative date.  Venue prices  may change depending on availability and popular dates.  Also be aware how much time the team building event will require.  If your team can only be “out-of-the-office” for a half day, then choose the event accordingly.  Consider seasons when choosing an outdoor event.
  6. Who should organize your team building event? 
    This probably depends on how much involvement you want to have but remember that professional companies are objective, neutral and are trained to pick up on details you might never think of asking! Ask for feedback from their customers before deciding on a company.  Specialist companies will usually have additional team building options and venues and suppliers to help tailor make the package for your company.
  7. Catering for your teambuilding event. 
    Always check if refreshments are included.  Is there a food selection at the lunch or dinner venue? Is it a set meal and are there any special dietary requirements?
  8. Attention to detail
    This is where the professionals really help you out…  They will ensure items like company logos are included in printed material and the timeline and programme can be executed because they’ve done it before and know how long it takes.  They have relationships with suppliers if décor or audio-visual equipment is required for your team building event. They can arrange people to set up and pack away and will suggest ideas such as a professional photographer to capture your event.

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