The Toad tells a Sushi Tale

One of Cape Point Route’s favourite restaurants is Village Sushi at Noordhoek Farm Village.  When visiting the village recently we bumped into The Toad – this eccentric but very friendly chap who happens to run another fabulous restaurant, The Toad in the Village, which is next door to Village Sushi.  As one does when when sipping a cold one in a happy place we were shooting the breeze and got the full low down on the history of Village Sushi – the story was so fascinating we just had to share it…. and here is the almost verbatim tale….. (the Toad is a good story teller…. if you don’t believe us just go and visit!)

“About two years ago I was sitting on a deep sea fishing boat off Cape Point eating freshly caught yellowfin tuna dipped in soya and dabbed with wasabi. It was then that I thought it would be the obvious thing in life to do. Start a Sushi Bar! Well, I had no idea what the rest of the world thought of this idea until I brought it up one night in glorious Arniston.

Fishing off Cape Point - personal gallery © The Toad

Fishing off Cape Point – personal gallery © The Toad

Chatting to the mates and and so they started “A sushi bar, what do you know about sushi?” “I’ll tell you where the best sushi in Cape Town is!” “You’re mad man, you will never get fresh fish!” Well this is what my team around the fire thought of my idea! Unfazed by the nay sayers I began the journey.  An ad on the gumtree, a visit or two to the local sushi haunts, some calls to my regular fishing mates – the journey had started.

Well now, just over a year later, we have something we are extremely proud of. Village Sushi at De Noordhoek Hotel in the Noordhoek Farm Village is the best sushi in the deep south and that’s a fact I’ll challenge anyone on! Andy and Lili are from North Beijing. They are the real deal. Their enthusiasm and zest for life is clearly evident in the Sushi and Asian dishes they produce. One of the funniest stories I have is how I met and interviewed Andy, what a blast. You’ll have to pin me down one day for that story.

01 village sushiMy best, and it’s hard to beat fresh yellowfin tuna sashimi is Andy’s sushi inari parcels! They are world class, not everyone’s favourite but they hit the right taste buds every time for me. Then the menu is littered with little treasure. Freshly rolled springrolls, sushi of the highest order, the best pad thai I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot) and a thai red beef curry I just can’t get enough of.

Whether you choose to do it with a big group of friends or you choose to sit on your own in front of the fireplace, like I am doing right now, Village Sushi gets it just right.

With the rest of what this amazing Noordhoek Village has to over you will find Village Sushi fits in perfectly with what your taste buds crave! ”

Village Sushi at de Noordhoek Hotel, Noordhoek Farm Village
Tel: 021 789 2760

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