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Free WIFI Spots are becoming even more in demand as we continue to move into the “must be connected at all times” era.  We keep hearing patrons asking their waiter, “Do you have WiFi?” so we have asked and found the Coffices on the Cape Point Route.

Restaurants and cafes in Cape Town are starting to offer free WiFi to their customers. Although there are no fixed rules, etiquette seems to be that customers should order a cup of coffee or a bite to eat in exchange for access to free wireless.

'Coffice' etiquette

‘Coffice’ etiquette

Internet speeds are not always as fast in South Africa as they are in many other developed countries so accessibility should be appreciated.   Next time you are working out of the office, preparing for a meeting or just have time to waste – check out some of the WiFi hotspots in the south peninsula –  cafes and restaurants where you can get online quickly and simply!  These spots have power outlets to recharge your device and we encourage a coffee at least to recharge yourself!

If you have you found any other cool WiFi hotspots in the south peninsula of Cape Town– please share your thoughts on the our Facebook page!

HOUT BAY:images (1)

  • The Lookout Deck: Free WiFi for dining guests.  Password changes Daily
  • Pirates Pub & Grill: Free WiFi
  • Deez Mexican:  Free WiFi when ordering
  • Dunes Restaurant: Free WiFi
  • Pure Restaurant @ Hout Bay Manor:  Complimentary if dining or staying at Hout Bay Manor. Code obtainable from the front desk/reception
  • Delish Restaurant: Free WiFi for any paying customer
  • Darios Cafe:  Free WiFi for everybody. Ordering is preferrable!
  • images (2)The Woodcutters Arms:  Free WiFi to any patron ordering food or drinks.
  • Massimos:  Free WiFi for every client. Password is listed in the menu




  • wifiBlack Marlin:  Free WiFi for customers
  • Boulders Beach Lodge & Restaurant:  Free WiFi when ordering. Password available at reception.
  • Bertha’s Restaurant:  Free Wifi for customers
  • Cafe Pescado:  Free 50 mb of WiFi for all customers, ordering is preferable.  High-speed vouchers are available for purchase up to 1 GB
  • Two & Sixpence Tavern:  Free WiFi for all customers
  • Viper Lounge South (Glencairn):  Free WiFi for an hour


  • cafeLaParada: Free WiFi – ask for the code!
  • Sirocco: Free WiFi – ask for the code!
  • Tribeca Bakery:  Free WiFi
  • Octopus’ Garden Restaurant & Wine Bar (St James):   Free WiFi for customers when ordering a meal or drink.


  • Casa Labia Cafe: Free WiFi for guests who order food or drinks.
  • Empire Cafe: Free WiFi. Password freely available.

Where will you work or connect today? The new word in the urban dictionary is “Coffice” .
Please remember that a great Coffice is more than just WiFi and power outlets. It is about a welcoming environment, and of course, a great coffee.  Support your coffice and respect their business – you are not paying rent!

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