Best Burger Quest in Cape Town's South Peninsula

In the quest for a good burger in Cape Town and more specifically in the South Peninsula, I needed to define the term of what makes a good burger.  A good burger is like man’s best friend – find me a massive, juicy and well composed burger and you will win me over.   Make that burger consistent and repeatable,  give me an environment where there is good service and the general vibe of the establishment is pleasant and then we have  a GREAT burger experience.

001 Burger

  • Obviously the patty is an essential ingredient.  It doesn’t have to be beef – it can be ostrich or chicken or vegetarian… but it’s got to look like a patty, hand moulded, well seared with good seasoning, juicy and medium-rare. If you like it well-cooked that’s ok too.
  • The Hamburger Roll – without a roll, a burger is chopped steak.  The roll makes it but don’t give me too much or too little – the bun should be a size relative to the patty and the other ingredients. Fresh buns are not negotiable although they can be lightly toasted or grilled.
  • The basic ingredients. Whilst these can vary – and there is plenty of scope for burger creativity – a whole lot of unusual ingredients can make a great burger. If you giving me a standard burger – there needs to be fresh lettuce and tomato.  I think cheese (real cheese, not fake cheese) should be standard too and of course there are the onions – which deserve respect. Mild raw yet sweet onions can add some desirable crunch, but I am a fan of cooked/caramelised onions to make the burger great.  Some burger snobs say that pickles or gherkins are essential ingredients but I think that’s personal taste.
  • The sauce:  Sauces are wonderful but don’t hide the burger in the sauce and I know some people love it but if you need tomato sauce or ketchup then you are in burger emergency zone so call 911!

So after all that, I am sure you want to know where to get that mouth-watering burger that qualifies as good if not great!  We value your feedback so let us know if any places here don’t deliver the goods.  Please be reminded that the establishments picked here are located on the Cape Point Route and there are other great burger places out of the area.

Cafe Roux | Noordhoek Farm Village | Noordhoek

Cafe Roux - Shroom Burger & Chicken Burger

Cafe Roux – Shroom Burger & Chicken Burger

Cafe Roux has a dedicated night time burger menu so you have to know they take their burgers seriously. We love the choice of a wheat-free burger roll and the choice of accompaniments – sweet potato chips, french fries or salad…. but more than anything we love the burgers.  Cafe Roux has 3 burger options priced R72 – R82

  • Beef Burger – Homemade beef patty with lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber & mature cheddar (cooked medium – pink unless otherwise requested) and served with gorgonzola OR mushroom sauce
  • Chicken Burger –  Grilled free range chicken breast with camembert and pineapple & coriander seed chutney
  • Veggie burger –  Crumbed aubergine with grilled haloumi & sundried tomato pesto


Pirates Pub & Grill | Hout Bay

Pirates Burger

Pirates Burger

Pirates is the place to be when the burger craving takes hold of you.  200g of pure beef, basted with our unique Pirates sauce served on a fresh buttered roll with hand cut chips.  R50 – R75
Gourmet choices available are:

  • The Deluxe Burger- bacon, feta cheese smothered in cheese sauce,
  • Blackbeard’s Burger– bacon & cheddar cheese smothered in black mushroom sauce, Jalepeno Burger – jalapeno chillies smothered in cheese sauce
  • Jack Sparrow Burger – bacon, cheddar cheese topped off with a fried egg.  

Pirates also offers 2 vegetarian options:

  •  Black Mushroom Burger – black mushroom, stuffed with spinach, a hint of garlic and topped off with melted cheese,
  • Soya Burger –topped with any one of our delicious sauces.

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Octopus Garden |  Kalk Bay

Octopus Garden - Supreme Octo Chicken Burger

Octopus Garden – Supreme Octo Chicken Burger

Although there is a variety of  fare on the menu, one of the most popular dishes is the Deluxe Octo-Burger with Magic Mushroom sauce, cheese and a pepperdew infused beef patty. Actually you can have beef, Chicken, Fish OR Veggie burgers

Beef/Chicken/Fish/Veggie with Magic Mushroom Sauce; Cheddar Cheese Layer/Feta; Tomato & Bail Sauce;  Pesto Mayo… R75 for any of our burgers with excellent French fries!

Dario’s Cafe |  Hout Bay

Dario's Cafe Gourmet Burger with Spicy Fries

Dario’s Cafe Gourmet Burger with Spicy Fries

Those little unassuming spots are often the place to find a masterpiece.  Dario’s  burgers are home-made, tender, tasty, dripping with flavour with that gorgeous (in a good way) burger grease…  Dario uses sweet chilli sauce, 2 slices of real cheese, gherkin slices and very fresh crunchy lettuce.   Dario keeps it simple on the menu… Plain, Cheese or Double cheese burger.  Bacon & Avo (always very popular and he claims that it’s very South African!);  Hawaiian Burger, Chicken Burger and the Gourmet Burger (which has cheese, pineapple, bacon & egg!). The chips are spicy.. not sure what that spicy French Fry seasoning is… but it works!  R55 – R80. Read More… 

Mariner’s Wharf Bistro | Hout Bay

Mariner's Wharf Bistro Surf Burger

Mariner’s Wharf Bistro Surf Burger

Mariner’s Wharf Bistro at Mariner’s Wharf harbour front emporium in Hout Bay offers a surf burger (R29) with chips (R40) which can be enjoyed while dining al fresco by the sea. The in house bakery – Mariner’s Wharf Bakery makes the burger bun fresh and daily.  Although their speciality is fish and chips – a good take-away burger by the sea never goes amiss! Read more.. 

The Red Herring Restaurant | Noordhoek

The Red Herring Fireside Menu with Burgers

The Red Herring Fireside Menu with Burgers

The Red Herring has a fireside menu – one of those winter deals to get you through the chilly Cape winters.  The deal is 2 courses for R85 or any 3 courses for R110 Tues- Sat from 12 to 3pm. Needless to say when you do something well it becomes a best seller and the 200g Beef Burger with Caramelised Onions & Chips are the best seller on the Fireside Menu (most common friends – soup of the day and the chocolate Brownie.) Either way it’s a superb deal for one of the best burgers in the south peninsula.  Read More… 

The Two Oceans Restaurant  |   Cape Point

Two Oceans Ostrich Burger

Two Oceans Ostrich Burger

This restaurant has arguably one of the most spectacular views of any restaurant on the planet.   But as they well know,  a view is not much use inside the tummy even if it has left a good impression.  So food they do and they do it well. With a name like the Two Oceans Restaurant – you’re 100% correct in assuming that seafood is the nature of their cooking game… BUT location isn’t everything, and there aren’t only pescatarians out there ….  so if in doubt deliver a universal favourite with a South African touch…  the Two Oceans Ostrich Burger  which is served on ciabatta with rocket & Gruyere Cheese!  It also comes with a red onion and cranberry jam & a mango & chili chutney !  One burger – properly delivered!   R105. Read More…  

Spur Steak Ranches |  Fish Hoek and Noordhoek

Spur Burgers

Spur Burgers

The Spur people may not have the reputation for gourmet dining but they still do a really good burger. Grilled burgers, on sesame seed rolls and that Spur style crispy onion rings and chips or a baked potato. Golden River Spur on Main Rd in Fish Hoek and Michigan Spur at Longbeach Mall in Noordhoek offer everything from the Original Spur Burger to the Cheddamelt, the rib Burger, the soya Burger, the Cheese, Bacon & Guacamole Burger..  As “fast food” burgers go this is a good value for money option. 

Deck’s Cafe | Kommetjie

Decks Black & White Burger (& a good promo!)

Decks Black & White Burger (& a good promo!)

This beachy style cafe in Kommetjie is family orientated and very child-friendly.  Sadly the winter 2 for 1 burger deal is over but that doesn’t mean that the good ‘ol cheese burger, chicken burger or Big Chow Burger aren’t as delicious as ever.   The chef sometimes get creative and produces the Black and White Burger! Love the creativity and you WILL want to share this double patty with cheese in-between the usual trimmings!  R56 – R86.. and did we mention chips on the side? or the Big Chow burger with coke lite special (and great creative advertising too!) Read More…

Other Notable Mentions:

Fishermans - burgerFisherman’s in Kommetjie:
Flame Grilled Hamburgers with a variety of tasty sauces (blue cheese, mushroom, pepper, monkeygland or cheese sauce).  The Jo Burger is topped with bacon, egg and cheese and they also offer grilled or crumbed chicken burgers.
Price Range: R55 – R72
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LookoutdeckThe Lookout Deck In Hout Bay:
Also better known for its fish fare, the do make a mean burger too…!  Try the Flame-grilled chicken burger in cajun spice  or the Karoo lamb mince burger with minted yoghurt sauce… or stick with a good traditional grilled beef burger with a choice of cheese, mushroom or pepper sauce.    Great burgers, great vibe – you can’t go wrong!
Price Range: R68 – R78
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Dunes Restaurant - BurgerDunes on the Beach at Hout Bay:
Like many restaurants with a good setting and a lovely view it would be easy to get complacent but Dune’s on the Beach is not that place! They stick to one standard traditional and very delicious Dunes Beef Burger (200g) with the staples of lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles.  Choose a pepper or mushroom sauce.  Comes with Chips.
Price: R75
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Empire Cafe - Burger nightsEmpire Cafe | Muizenberg :
They do Burger nights on Wednesdays from 4 – 9pm. You need to book!  Empire is a surfing lifestyle and you will get good coffee and a surf report but BURGER nights are epic for burger fans… Old School burgers with chilli poppers for starters and banana splits for dessert.  Choose from Gourmet Ostrich, beef, chicken, lamb, vegetarian and calamari burgers with sweet potato chips, potato chips.


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