How to Plan your Year End Function

Year End Functions are a way of “paying it forward” to employees. Not only are Year End Functions a way to “give back” to your team, but they can also be a great way to get the team fired up and excited about the upcoming season or year.

Year end functions don’t happen on their own though, they require planning and preparation – especially in Cape Town, where popular venues are booked out far in advance!

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CPR Events – “breathing life and soul to your function”
We at Cape Point Route, understand the needs of our clients, because we have been the client. We are also real people who enjoy a good (preferably dress-up) party.  We are known for our unique ideas that include thinking out of the box, and combining exceptional creation, design and flawless execution to events of all shapes and sizes. We have a ‘little black book’ of amazing contacts and partners in our extended team, who help us breathe life and soul to your event.

The Venue
Cape Town is privileged to have a choice of so many incredible venues, wine estates, restaurants and public spaces to use for Year End Functions.  The venue, it’s ambience and service can make or break your event. Be sure to know your budget as well as your minimum and maximum numbers in order to refine your search based on area and capacity. Consider travel distance for your guests and if you have a transport plan (or venue parking for your guests). Cape Point Route encourages responsible drinking.



How to select your venue
When selecting your event you need to match the venue with your message.  Certain types of events like awards events or other formal affairs will require a different type of space than more casual gatherings like theme parties and networking sessions.

Think about your ambience and whether you want your guests mingling at a cocktail style event, sitting down for a meal or dancing the night away. Does the venue cater for your food and beverage requirements with on-site catering services and enough tables, chairs, silverware and tablecloths. Will there be awards, speeches or presentations requiring audio -visual equipment, electrical supplies, lighting and power?

Remember match the decor to both with the venue and your Year End Function objectives. If you are planning a big bash do you have a good DJ, dance floor and do you know the venue cut-off time – nothing spoils a good year end function than being evicted from the venue.

Entertainment can make or break your event and is very much dependent on the type and theme of event. Entertainment could be a band, a singer, a comedian, a keynote speaker, a game or inter-active activity. Although the entertainment is always budget dependant, it does play an integral role in the success of the event, adding a wow factor.

A DJ is the most cost effective and can accommodate any style or theme.  Allocate your entertainment budget when planning your Year End Function and we’ll match your budget to your event entertainment. We have literally hundreds of ideas and contacts in our ‘little black book’, ranging from Roaming Acts for a cocktail style function to Stage Performances at a Black-Tie Dinner.


The Experience
Wine, dine, adventure, chill out, relax, play, dress up or be entertained ….choose from Cape Point Route’s selection Year End Functions to meet all your needs.

Cape Point Route have sourced unique venues and matched them with a interactive experience, entertainment and menu.  Remember that we can create & organize fun, innovative all-inclusive year end functions in and around Cape Town


Themed Dinner Dance 

Time to lose those inhibitions!  Dress up and play the part!

Themes are a fabulous way to create hype and excitement around an event and to involve the guests. A theme can also aid in conveying an idea or concept associated with a new product, service or company identity.

Very importantly, getting guests to dress up or participate unites them, regardless of their position within the company. This is effective in breaking possible barriers and forcing them to see one another in a more human light, particularly in organisations in which there are large divides between management and the blue collar workers.


Casino Royale

Enjoy the thrill of breaking the bank, become a paper billionaire or lose a fortune. Either way we will make sure you are having the time of your life!

Our Casino Packages include a Private venue, Dinner, Casino Manager, Gaming tables with professional croupiers, Gaming chips and Personalized Funny Money with your company logo or a picture of your CEO!



Put your right foot forward so we can be ALL STARS! These events include a fun Inter-Active teambuilding activity followed by Lunch or Dinner, ideal for a year end function to celebrate the year while reconnecting with your colleagues.


 Murder Mystery Dinner Events 

Experience an elegant Masked Murder Mystery Dinner at a one of our carefully selected private venues to match our various scripts.

All delegates receive a character script and tips of what clues you can reveal or conceal to cover-up potential guilt.  This is not a supper stage with professional actors… you may just find that the actors from your office have hidden personas as clues are collected, questions asked and performers attempt to prove their own innocence.

Our packages include a Private Venue, 3 Course Sit Down Dinner and Hosted Murder Mystery Event.   Props like Masks and Toy Guns allows  members of your corporate team to lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily as they assume a personality role and problem solving techniques to find out “Who-did-it?!”


Overnight Year End Function Events 

Party ‘til you drop! Literally these Overnight Functions give guests the opportunity to enjoy the Dinner Function to the fullest. All our Overnight Function Packages include Accommodation, Event, Dinner and Breakfast.


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Setting up a Year End Function in 90 Minutes – A Night at the Oscars


Cape Point Route loves Year End Functions (and penguins)

Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

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