The Toad Story (50/50)

The Toad Story will be on SABC 2 tonight at 19h30 on the television programme 50/50.

50|50 is a television programme that has, for 28 years and counting, presented the successes and disasters of conservation to South Africa’s people. 50|50 has influenced environmental policy, stirred the public against environmental injustices, promoted the work of our dedicated conservationists, and helped to create a stronger awareness of conservation and environmental issues in South Africa.

Western Leopard toad

Western Leopard toad

Read more about the Western Leopard Toad and the Toad Nuts or watch TV tonight to see what all the fuss is about! Read more about the results of this season’s breeding migration below from the Toad Nuts volunteers!

Hello friends of the Western Leopard Toad,

We have made it through our 5th patrolled breeding migration of our glamorous garden resident, the Western Leopard Toad. This year was a particularly challenging one with inconsistent rains leading to more ‘big’ toad nights than we have previously recorded. We usually have around 10 busy nights on which 30-50 toads are moved off our roads. This year we had around 25 busy nights on which approximately 10-30 toads were recorded!

This meant more patrollers out for more nights, and more motorists having to exercise extreme patience while we attempted to move hopping toads out of harm’s way. Here’s the final season’s tally:

Alive: Road kill:
Noordhoek 291 73
Sun Valley 118 3
Fish Hoek 50 3
Clovelly 66 5
Kommetjie 0 0
Glencairn 0 0

We are very concerned about the 30%+ road kill numbers on Noordhoek Main Rd and will be forming a working committee to find a solution to this worsening problem. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we want to hear from you!

Thanks to the many families and individuals who spent night after night driving our roads in search of toads. Thanks also to the many residents who moved toads off the roads without even being a trained volunteer.

BIG NEWS: Zach Vincent of 50/50 spent time with several volunteer groups examining the challenges our endangered toads face during the breeding migration. Tune in to SABC 2 tonight at 19h30 to see what all the fuss is about every year!

Yours with spots on, Alison and Suzie (Toad NUTS)

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