Restricted access to Cape Point due to prescribed burning

Two prescribed burns will take place in the Cape of Good Hope Section of Table Mountain National Park in the near future. The areas impacted include Da Gama Peak and the section next to the Cape Point Main Gate. This will consolidate last year’s burn of 252 hectares into a burned area of 710 hectares.

As weather conditions need to be ideal for a prescribed burn to take place – temperatures less than 25°C, moderate winds below 20km knots per hour and 2 to 3 days after light Autumn rain has fallen –  visitors will only be given a day’s advance notice that the prescribed burning will take place.

Prescribed Burn - Photo

Prescribed Burn – Photo

Although we appreciate that prescribed burns are a source of concern to many Cape Town residents, as well as presenting a possible loss of income to the tourism industry, it must be stated that wild fires will occur and an uncontrolled fire or wildfire could pose a huge risk to life and property on the urban edge of the Park.  The removal of dry flammable material by means of a prescribed burn will reduce the likelihood of future uncontrolled wildfires.

All visitors to the Park, commercial and recreational, are thus being asked to exercise caution during the time of these prescribed fires and to follow the signage and instructions of SANParks staff. It may also be necessary to restrict access from time to time to ensure public safety. This will be communicated via signage and through the TMNP electronic media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. SANParks management would also like to appeal to hikers wishing to use our trail network over this time to check in and out with our visitor centre at Buffelsfontein (021 780 9204).

Tour guides are kindly requested, as always, to stick to the designated tracks and pathways. Visitors are warned that the air quality will also be affected during this time. Please follow Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) on social media sites Facebook (SANParks – Table Mountain National Park) and Twitter (@tablemountainNP) for updates on when prescribed burning will take place.

Fynbos vegetation is both fire-prone and fire-adapted and the use of prescribed burning thus forms an integral part of the ecological management of the Park. The TMNP Fire Department together with the SANParks Cape Research Centre has developed a scientific Prescribed Burning Plan for the entire Park – this plan determines and prioritizes areas for prescribed burning, taking into consideration veld age, rare and endangered species, alien clearing etc. and addresses biodiversity needs as well as protection of properties.)

The reasons for conducting prescribed burns in fynbos vegetation are:
a)    To reduce fire hazards by reducing the unnecessary “fuel” accumulated in field as a result of Alien Plant Clearing operations
b)    To rejuvenate the fire-adapted and fire-dependent fynbos vegetation
c)    To form an essential part of control operations aimed at eliminating invasive alien plants

Other areas besides Cape Point where prescribed burning will take place are:

  • Klein Leeukoppie in Hout Bay
  • Tokai: Tokai Picnic Area and The Cape Research Centre
  • Cecilia Forest: 2  test burns areas each 45x40m
  • Silvermine: between Ou Wapad and Ou Kaapse Weg

Residents in the adjoining areas of the Park should be assured that Park management will do their best to minimize any possible inconvenience to adjacent households during the preparatory work and burning operations. Where adjacent properties to the park may be affected by a prescribed burn, Park management will make an effort to inform the affected landowners and residents in good time of the intent to carry out a burn.

When the burn takes place, surrounding residents are advised to please keep their windows shut. Flammable items such as gas canisters should be removed from outside areas and laundry should be taken off washing lines to prevent odour contamination from the smoke.

For further enquiries, please contact Philip Prins, Fire Manager: TMNP at 021 6897438/9.

For more information on TMNP, please visit

How to tell the difference between a prescribed burn and a wild fire:
It is important to note that a prescribed burn will only ever take place under the conditions as described above. Prescribed burning will never take place on days with strong/gale-force winds, and will not take place over weekends or public holidays

Should you see a fire that does not reflect the above description, please contact the TMNP Fire Management Department at 021 689 7438/9.

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