Noordhoek Potjiekos Challenge: 23 September

Noordhoek Farm Village is celebrating both Heritage Day and National Braai Day with their annual Potjiekos Challenge at the Village on Saturday 23 September 2012. Noordhoek Farm Village has amazing restaurants and are inviting challengers to enter the competition and see if they can “out-potjie” the village restaurants.

Heritage Day, 24 September, is a Public Holiday on which South Africans across the spectrum are encouraged to celebrate their cultural heritage and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.

Potjiekos  (Pronounced poy-kee- kawse) directly translated “pot food” or food prepared in a pot. In South African this means one thing – food prepared outdoors in a cast iron, round, three legged pot over an open fire (wood coals or charcoal). Preparing a potjiekos meal is very much an individual thing and aspiring cooks have experimented for years to come up with the “perfect” potjie.

The 2011 winners were: 

  • Gold medal:   The Toad in the Village with their ‘goat’ potjie
  • Silver medal: The Foodbarn with their Morrocan Lamb Potjie
  • Bronze medal: The Cheerful Chunkies with their chicken and mushroom Potjie (the only NON- restaurant to make it to the top 3!)

Visitors to Noordhoek Farm Village will be able to sample the potjies, which will be sold in eco-friendly containers for R20 each (proceeds to charity) and you can choose which potjie you would like to sample (and maybe influence the judges). We encourage lots of Proudly South African Dress up!


  • No entry fee
  • No  limit on number of people in a team
  • Contestants must be completely self sufficient and bring their own pots, own cooking utensils and own ingredients for their potjie.
  • No electrical points available.
  • Each Potjie should be Size 4 or up.
  • Fires will be provided by Noordhoek Farm Village and will be ready for cooking from 10h00.
  • Dress up in your proudly South African team gear as there are prizes for best dressed!
  • Potjies need to be ready for eating and judging at 15h00
  • Rice will be provided, containers and utensils for eating will be provided.
  • Final judging at 16h30 followed by prize-giving.
  • Applications to enter. Email: with your contact details and motivation! Entries are limited.

For more information:
Tel:   021 789 1317
Email: or

Applications: Email:

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