Chaeli Kili Climbers 2015

On the 29th August 2015, a team of conquerors will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with the aim to show how important it is to work together to attain a seemingly impossible goal.

That goal is to show that one’s physical disability places no limitations on what one is able to achieve.

Cape Times 19 August 2015

Cape Times 19 August 2015


Chaeli (Mycaila Mycroft) is a female quadriplegic but really she is an ability activist who aims to change society’s perceptions of people with disability.   Chaeli begins her 7-day ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro at the end of August 2015 with a team of committed climbers from South Africa known as the Chaeli Kili Climbers.

In a custom fitted ‘mountain’ wheelchair, Chaeli will ascend to the ‘top of Africa’ with the aim of showing how important it is to work together to attain a seemingly impossible goal.  Our very own Sally Grierson from Cape Point Route is part of the team embarking on the expedition.   Cape Point Route wishes Sally, Chaeli and the Kili Conquerers team a successful journey.

Team Training Hike

Team Training Hike

The purpose of the climb is to raise awareness and funds for The Chaeli Campaign – specifically for their Inclusive Education Programme and Chaeli Cottage Inclusive Pre-school and Enrichment Centre run from Chaeli Cottage.

You can follow this exciting adventure on our amazing, interactive micro-site depicting all major aspects of this exciting adventure, including:

  • A visual fly-through of the route to the summit
  • Follow a live feed of events leading to and during the climb
  • Messages of support from major South African figures such as FW De Klerk, Helen Zille & Rob van Vuuren!

You can show your support by following these five steps:

  1. Visit the website here:
  2. Subscribe to receive live updates directly from Kilimanjaro via email
  3. Share the page with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  4. “Like” and “Follow” The Chaeli Campaign on Facebook and Twitter
  5. Hit the “Donate” button if you feel inspired (The team’s fundraising goal is R1 million)

We hope that you enjoy “climbing” Kili with Chaeli and the Kili Climbers! We believe Chaeli is the first female quadriplegic to climb Kilimanjaro.  On 30 August, the second day on the mountain, Chaeli will celebrate her 21st birthday.


Sally in action during training

Sally in action during training

Shelly Stedman:
Event Co-ordinator
Tel:  0861 242 354 or 021 761 4326

NOTE: Tax receipts for donations made in support of the climb.
International donations may be made via Givengain:

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