Win a Month's Passage on Chapman's Peak Drive

Chapman’s Peak Drive must be one of the most beautiful stretches of road that exists on the planet… and whilst we are a little bit biased about “our” road,  we don’t think it’s unreasonable or unrealistic to claim it as one of the Top 10 Scenic Drives in the world. (jury is out though).
For Cape Town Residents we have the privilege of accessing and enjoying the scenic drive without having to deal with a flight.. we simply hop in our vehicles.  For those who work or live in the south peninsula and have to travel northwards it is TOTALLY worth considering  Chapman’s Peak Drive as your route of choice.

They have a Frequent User Option which offers reduced rates on the road so your toll tariff get cheaper every time you use it! All you have to do is register and if you don’t use your credits you don’t lose them – they stay there and wait for you!

The Good News is that if you sign up before the end of November 2012 you could be a lucky winner of a month’s free travel on Chapman’s Peak Drive!   This could be your daily journey!

Still got questions? Here are some more answers!

What is a Chapman’s Peak Frequent User Card?
Individual users get reduced rates on Chappies toll road. The more you use the road the cheaper it gets.

How does it work?
Every time you use Chappies per month, a progressive discount applies. Discounts start after 3 trips and increase the more you use. At the start of the next month, the number is reset to ‘0’

How do I sign up?
Register at one of the offices. Get your ‘top-up’ frequent user card by pre-loading credits. Load your credits (or register your personal credit card)

What if I don’t use all my credits?
You don’t lose them! Credits are carried forward to the next month. (minimum balance required)

How does the Wild Card work?
Special tariffs apply over and above the frequent user card for Wild Card holders for even bigger savings.

How does payment work?
Pre-Payment in Cash at the offices. Registered credit cards accepted at the toll booth.

How much can I save?
It depends how often you use Chapman’s Peak Drive but meet some of our regular users and see what they save  each month.

Where can I get a Chapman’s Peak Drive Frequent User Card?
At one of the outlets below

Chapman’s Peak Drive Hout Bay Office: Shop 3, Village Gate, Main Rd, Hout Bay
Tel: 021 790 9163       | Email:
Twitter: @ChapmansPeakSA

Noordhoek Office: 
Noordhoek Tourism,  Noordhoek Farm Village,  Village Lane, Noordhoek
Tel:  021 789 2812   |  Email:

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