Towns of the Cape Peninsula: Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is an small seaside village located on the False Bay Coast of the Cape Point Route. Despite being a suburb of greater Cape Town, Kalk Bay has not lost it’s charm and characteristics of a small time village, but at the same time has become known for its range of good eateries, coffee shops and unique and eclectic shops.


Kalk Bay’s history is very much tied to the sea – in fact the name Kalk derives from the lime kilns that early inhabitants used to roast mussel shells into lime for construction. Kalk Bay has for most of its history been a fishing village, with the sea providing an abundance of fish for local fisherman for hundreds of years. After the arrival of the main railway line from Cape Town, the population of Kalk Bay grew and as a result of this, amenities such as shops, schools and homes started to develop.

Restaurants and Bars

While still maintaining a link to its fishing past through one of the few working harbours on the False Bay coast, Kalk Bay has reinvented itself in the last few years – and has become known as a bit of a foodie destinations. We could probably do a whole blog post on the restaurants and bars in Kalk Bay, so for now let’s just say that almost every taste and tipple is catered for. From pizza to seafood and rustic coffee shops to artisanal bakeries. We recommend a few trips to Kalk Bay to enjoy all that is has to offer.


Kalk Bay boasts a wide range of accommodation options, from 6 bedroom villas to chic apartments and B&Bs.The benefit of Kalk Bay been a small village, is that all accommodation is within walking distance of the shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Kalk Bay also makes a good ‘home base’ for exploring the rest of the area, as its centrally located on the main road that traverses the Cape Peninsula. For more Kalk Bay Accommodation option click here.


Kalk Bay, in recent years, have developed somewhat of a bohemian feel to it – mainly due to the unique shopping experience this small village offers. Take a walk from one end of town to the other and you will see what we mean. Pop into Kalk Bay books to browse a fine collection of local and international best sellers. Take a journey back in time with a visit to Quagga Rare Books and Arts, that has some amazing examples of early South African and African history. Finally soak in some culture at the Kalk Bay modern, a contemporary art gallery.

More Info 

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