Chapman’s Peak Drive – Frequent User Card

Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most spectacular scenic drives in the world and operates as a toll road. The great news if you as an individual user, travel along the 9 kilometre road with 114 curves MORE than 3 times per month, then you could start saving your hard earned cash whilst enjoying the scenic beauty of this breathtaking route.

Imagine Chapman’s Peak Drive is your route to and from work?  Here’s HOW!  And the excellent news is that anyone who signs up as a frequent user before the  31 October 2011 stands a chance to WIN a month’s free passage on Chapman’s Peak Drive! (there will be 3 lucky winners!)

What is a Chapman’s Peak Frequent User Card?

Individual users get reduced rates on Chappies toll road. The more you use the road the cheaper it gets.

How does it work?

Every time you use Chappies per month, a progressive discount applies. Discounts start after 3 trips and increase the more you use. At the start of the next month, the number is reset to ‘0’

How do I sign up?

Register at one of the offices. Get your ‘top-up’ frequent user card by pre-loading credits. Load your credits (or register your personal credit card)

What if I don’t use all my credits?

You don’t lose them! Credits are carried forward to the next month. (minimum balance required)

How does the Wild Card work?

Special tariffs apply over and above the frequent user card for Wild Card holders for even bigger savings.

How does payment work?

Pre-Payment in Cash at the offices. Registered credit cards accepted at the toll booth.

And if you are still sceptical – here are some existing frequent users who have shared their savings and stories with Cape Point Route.


Lives in Noordhoek with his family and works in Hout Bay so travel Chapman’s Peak twice daily for business. Average no of trips per month: 50 | Normal Cost: R1,550 | Frequent User (& wild card) Cost: R408.50 | SAVING: R1141.50

Comment: “I would spend more on petrol each way via Constantia and it saves me at least an hour a day! Each day is different from weather to sunsets to people enjoying Chappies – AND I can give my buddies a surf report too!”


Lives in Ocean View and travels to Hout Bay daily for work. Average no of trips per month: 40 | Normal Cost: R1,240 | Frequent User Card Cost: R485.00 | SAVING: R754.50

Comment: “I love the changing ocean, it calms me as I drive to work and I save so much time”


Lives in Cape Town and travels to Simon’s Town each morning for work and occasionally in the evenings depending on evening commitments. Average no of trips per month: 22 | Normal Cost: R682 | Frequent User Card Cost: R379.00 | SAVING: R303.00

Comment: “The distance is about the same, but I do save time and stress by missing the M3 and school traffic in Newlands and I get to see whales in season! “


A retired sailor living in Newlands, but travels to Kommetjie to visit his grandchildren or meet his yachting buddies in Simon’s Town.  Average no of trips per month: 10 | Normal Cost: R310 | Frequent User Card Cost: R242 | SAVING:  R68

Comment: “As a pensioner visiting my grandchildren every penny counts… and I do get extra savings if I pop down to False Bay Yacht Club for Wednesday gatherings!”


Chapman’s Peak Drive Hout Bay Office: Shop 3, Village Gate, Main Rd, Hout Bay | Tel: 021 790 9163 | Email: |

Noordhoek Office: Noordhoek Tourism,  Noordhoek Farm Village,  Village Lane, Noordhoek | Tel: 021 789 2812 |  Email:


Twitter: @ChapmansPeakSA

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