Winter surfing spots

You may have seen our blog on Winter surfing in Cape Town – it’s the ideal time to grab a board and catch a wave. If you are already proficient at surfing or comfortable enough to surf without an instructor here are some of the popular surf spots on the Cape Point Route.

Kommetjie Reefs (Google Images)


Surfing Die Hoek, Noordhoek (Google Images)

  • The Hoek (Noordhoek Corner)  – Park at Noordhoek Beach Car Park, walk down to the beach and right towards Chapman’s Peak Mountain for about 10 mins. Need experience to surf here! Right break waves –  best in summer when the SE howls – makes the waves epic and super hollow barrels.  Fabulous views of Chapman’s peak mountain.  Beware of cold water!

Noordhoek Beach: surfer & horses (Image: Sally Grierson)

  • Noordhoek Beach – park at Noordhoek Beach car park with a 5 – 10 min walk to the beach. Sandbar waves, with a sandy bottom making it accessible for all surfers. The sandbanks can produce waves of different lengths, shapes and sizes, Swell is good from the N or NE and the a good wind direction is from the SW. Be careful of the rips and undertow. The beach is beautiful and runs from Chapman’s Peak to Kommetjie

Noordhoek Surfing (image courtesy of Sunscene Adventures)

  • Kakapo – on Noordhoek Beach. Look for the shipwreck. Walk is about 30 mins. Sand-bar, pretty consistent surf with right and left breaks. Good when the SE blows. Uncrowded surf spot. Beware of Rips and undertow.

Longbeach, Kommetjie (Google Images)

  • Long beach, Kommetjie – when you arrive in Kommetjie you’ll see a sign that says Longbeach. This break holds up when the SW wind blows. There is a permanent sandbar in the middle of the break so peaks break left and right. The left break breaks into a chanel but the right break can fade out. Best at mid to low tide (gets too deep at high tide).

Down the Line View - 365 (Google Images)

  • 365 – Quite close to Misty Cliffs (also called Kelp 365) . Need good experience to surf here. The theory goes it got it’s name because there is a wave here 365 days a year. You can’t surf at low tide – too much kelp and the rocky ledge is too shallow. When a clean West swell is running, it can be surfed on any tide though. It has been likened to a backdoor pipeline. Likes a 5-8 groundswell. Beware of rocks, sharks, urchins and kelp.

Crayfish factory, Kommetjie (Google images)

  • Crayfish Factory – great for the pros. This is a big wave spot – you’ll need paddling strength and to be a serious surfer. It’s a powerful wave – fast and hollow with a right break. The reef and rocks can be pretty dangerous. Not for the faint hearted, “the factory” is one of the premier big wave spots in Cape Town (after Dungeons). This spot is on a deep water reef , sends you along some spitting barrels along a rock ledge! It could chew you up and spit you out a couple 100 meters down the way at Witsand. While still a challenging wave at 4 – 6ft, the crayfish is at its spectacular best when it’s cranking between the 10 – 15ft range in the winter months. Beware: Advanced only!

Surfing Witsands (Google Images-

  • Witsands – Close to the Crayfish Factory in Kommetjie and a better spot if the Crayfish Factory is too massive!  Experience: Beginners to Advanced. Waves: Right and left breaks but a little inconsistent.  Best: Works best when the NW (winter wind) is blowing and is an excellend winter spot – like Muizies but with more swell. Then you can get some nice little barrels.  Definitely one to check out when Muizies is clean but too small. Beware of: Lots of kelp and some rips

Misty Cliffs (Google Images)

  • Misty Cliffs – drive past Noordhoek, small cluster of houses in this village will identify the beach. Suitable for all surfers – has mostly right breaks esp when there is a SW swell. Brilliant in winter with some great barrels. Be careful of the rocks though!

Scarborough surfers (Image: Cape Town Tourism)

  • Scarborough Beach – The surfable waves are on the South shore. There is a useful rip current to get to the back, but conditions can be trecherous, so take care. When the north easter blows strongly, many windsurfers are around. The beach break in front of the car park can get fun at 3 – 5ft but doesn’t often serve up the best shape. The point break on the outside to the left of the car park is slightly more consistent and can be a fun left hander suitable for long boarders and short boarders alike. Intermediate surfers.


Kalk Bay Surfing (Image: Sunscene Adventures)

  • Kalk Bay Reef – Kalk Bay Reef is situated a little way down the road from Muizenberg and offers the more experienced surfer a superb reef break. Because of the shallow reef it is only really surfable at high tide. Many of the Western Capes top surfers will be seen in action here regularly. If you are not a very competent surfer, then this is quite definitely not the place for you.

Harvesting Kelp @ Dangers (Google Images)

  • Dangers – Very close to Muizenberg, Dangers is a reef break which is not quite as dangerous as Kalk Bay. If the swell is around 2 – 3 foot at Muizenberg, then Dangers will be very surfable if you do not feel like the gentle slow wave at Muizenberg. Like all of the reef breaks in the area, Dangers gets very crowded. The locals at Dangers carry quite a lot of weight, likewise at Kalk Bay, and respect will be demanded. Dangers is predominantly a left break. It is very rocky here, and as a result the paddle out can be very tricky, depending on the tide.

Muizenberg Beach, Winter (Google Images)

  • Muizenberg (the Corner) – Where many a Capetonian learns to surf, Muizenberg is rightfully considered the best place to start out as a beginner. For non- beginners this spot is definitely more suited to a long board or paddle board, but in a decent sized swell can be a fun option for the North.

Cemetry Beach (Google Images)

  • Cemetery: situated on the Strand side of Muizenberg. The wave here is very similar to that at Sunrise Beach at Muizenberg a short way down the road, the only difference being that this wave can be a foot or 2 bigger, so worth a look if Muizies is a bit small. It is never crowded, and offers surfers a calm slow fun wave.  Beware of sharks! It’s the closest wave to Seal Island in False Bay and lots of great whites have been spotted here.

Cape Town Surfing (Google Images)

Big thanks to Ant Scholtz from Learn 2 Surf for assistance with this article! He is surfer and we are not but it’s clearly time for Cape Point Route to learn to surf!

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