Weekend Markets

Markets have recently sprung up throughout Cape Town and the Cape Point Route is no exception to this trend. There are a few regular markets that have been around for ages and need no introduction, but there are a plethora of newer or lesser known markets that have added to the trend of weekend markets in Cape Town.

I am a big fan of markets – they are large, colourful, vibrant and buzzing with atmosphere. Markets are great spots to meander and wander. Markets are great spaces to people watch and they are great for the art of seduction – the aroma of fresh coffee or homemade breads, and a possible bargain.

I also love that markets have a feel-good factor in that most of the weekend markets provide a sales outlet for local artists, craftsmen, designers and local producers. It is not uncommon to meet the chef or the farmer, the designer or the artist themselves and be able to ask how an item was made or grown.  Community markets also enable customers to purchase their products within their own neighbourhoods and interact with the source. I love that markets have unique items made by the people who sell them.

Markets by their vibrant nature also become attractions of a town or destination in their own right and can draw the local crowds or the visitors.  But enough rambling from me – I’d like to introduce the markets on the Cape Point Route and the spots to find art and craft on the coast.

HOUT BAY ORGANIC MARKET: Thursdays from 08h30 – 13h00

An organic foods markets with local vegetables, cheeses, olives and health breads. READ MORE….

BLUE BIRD GARAGE MARKET: Fridays from 16h00 – 22h00

High-end fine food and goods market in Muizenberg, Family friendly kids corner, tables and a range of foods and produce. READ MORE…

BAY FOOD AND WINE MARKET: Saturdays 09h30 – 15h00

Held in Victoria Mall, Hout Bay below La Cuccina and is essentially a fresh food and wine market. READ MORE…

BAY HARBOUR MARKET: Saturday 09h00 – 17h00; Sunday 10h00 – 16h00.

Inside a large indoor warehouse in Hout Bay Harbour with craft, clothing, home decor and food.  READ MORE…

OLD POST OFFICE MARKET: Sunday 09h00 – 15h00

Indoor Sunday market in Muizenberg with crafts and artifacts as well as food and coffee shops. READ MORE…

HOUT BAY LIONS CRAFT MARKET: Sundays 10h00 – 17h00

One of the long standing craft markets – every Sunday on the village common in Hout Bay. READ MORE….

MUIZENBERG FLEA MARKET: Sundays and Public Holidays

Held at Sunrise Circle – this is a flea market where you will find everything INCLUDING  the kitchen sink. READ MORE…

KALK BAY FRESH ETC MARKET: 3rd Sunday of every month.

One of the smallest, most intimate markets and is held in the community centre in Kalk Bay. Eco-friendly and natural market. READ MORE….

Cape Point Route‘s Hot Tips for Market shopping:

  • Take note of the opening and closing hours – there’s nothing worse than arriving as all the stall holders are packing up. Also note that sometimes you can pick up a bargain at the end of day’s trading when the stall holders want to clear stock and go home!
  • Bring Cash! Yes Cash is King in the market place. Most markets and stall holders do not have credit card facilities (although most of them are providing ATM machines!)
  • Dress appropriately – this may seem strange but there is many a time that I have burned the back of my neck or the receding hairline of the male gender goes that shade of red from wind burn at the outdoor markets. Outdoor markets do not necessarily close because of weather. A drizzly day with no rain gear will have you feeling rather soggy!
  • Size does matter! This is especially true for travellers and visitors- can you get that gorgeous but super sized item home? Check before buying!
  • Take a break! Markets are meant to be fun so don’t exhaust yourself by rushing around from stall to stall. Most markets have superb refreshments – so stop for coffee or lunch and taste the local delicacies.
  • If you love it, buy it. Stall holders at markets do not come with massive stock levels so if you find something you like, get it – don’t wait to come back later. You may not find the stall and if you do your item may not be there.

Enjoy browsing, shopping, eating and drinking at the markets on the Cape Point Route. With plenty of choices you could be going to markets all weekend. Why not consider a weekend away to make the most of your market experiences? Contact Cape Point Route for accommodation suggestions or to book holiday accommodation.


  • Triangle Square Market in Fish Hoek has closed.
  • Imhoff Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning has closed
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