Team Building Out of the Office

Most of us spend 240 out of the 365 days in the year at work. During our hectic daily hours of meeting deadlines, there is very little time to get to know our colleagues on a more personal level outside of the office. Taking your staff or team out of the office environment gives them the opportunity to build relationships and form bonds which will enhance their performance in the office. Hence the term “Team Building” which has many connotations.

Teambuilding Cape Town

Teambuilding Cape Town

Team building exercises are important not only for the immediate experience performed by the team but also for group skills, communication and bonding as a result.

The actual activity is merely a means to the end – a high impact learning experience where the individuals are required to complete a task as a team to contribute to a common goal which is exactly what most companies strive to achieve in the office.

The main goals of team building are to improve productivity and motivation.

  • Taking the staff out of the office
  • Helps break down barriers
  • Improves leadership skills
  • Identifies the teams and individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves problem solving
  • Defines objectives and goals
  • Improves and moral
  • Improves productivity
  • But most importantly the team must have fun!

    Teambuilding fun

    Teambuilding fun

And this is where Cape Point Route fits in…. Cape Point Route specializes in teambuilding activities and corporate getaways on the Cape Peninsula.  Some of our most popular events include:


Adapted from the popular T.V. show – The Amazing Race. The ‘race’ takes place along the picturesque Cape Peninsula coastline. We can also start in the CBD and finish at a location of your choice.

Teambuilding - Amazing Race

Teambuilding - Amazing Race

Your group will be divided into smaller teams and are briefed to complete a host of physical, mental and information gathering tasks.  Upon completion of each stage, their ‘race cards’ are clipped to signify completion of the task and they are eligible to collect their next clue. Each clue will lead them to the next stage. The tasks are required to be completed within a stipulated time frame.  Once the clock starts – so does the competitive spirit & adrenaline and your teams are bound to experience an eventful & fun-filled adventure.

Teambuilding Amazing Race

Teambuilding Amazing Race

Challenges may include:

  • Utilizing varies modes of transport from the train to a boat or even a bicycle
  • Bargaining for a fish caught by local fisherman in Kalk Bay harbour
  • Finding a clue on one of our 16 beaches
  • Seakayaking to a Buoy in Simon’s TownSea Kayaking
  • Ostrich Egg and spoon race at Cape Point Ostrich Farm
  • Climbing to the top of the tallest cast iron lighthouse in Kommetjie
  • Coming face to face with a 3.5 meter long anaconda at Imhoff Snake Park
  • Meeting Buffalo at Solole Game Reserve
  • Horse obstacle course in Noordhoek


This is a great teambuilding and dinner combo and a great way to test your culinary skills whilst exploring the outdoors and building friendships. Be prepared for lots of laughter!

Teambuilding - Cook- Ateering

Teambuilding - Cook- Ateering

Experience it
Teams of 4 will compete in a “potjie” cooking competition. They will compete in various mildly physical and mental challenges in order to get ingredients. Teams will then start their fires [without fire lighters…] and create their potjie according to their own recipes. They will be judged according to presentation, texture and taste of the potjie they created.


  • Initially, teams will be split up into smaller groups and will not know what they are collecting, but, after a certain point in the race they will be given a message detailing what they need to produce/cook at the end of the course. Since they will be split up into groups, each group will not know what the rest of their team is collecting.cookateering3c
  • Teams need to collect as many of the food items as possible in order to create a potjie according to their flavour.  The food could be hidden in a “dry bag” at the bottom of a tidal pool or at the top of a tree.
  • Teams will be judged at the end according to their team work and presentation, taste and texture of the potjie they created.


  • The ideal “art” challenge to bring out those creative skills amongst the team. It’s also an excellent choice for adverse weather conditions. Each team will receive a small segment of a larger image – “The Masterpiece”.  So grab your brush and paint your way to success!

    Teambuilding - The Masterpiece

    Teambuilding - The Masterpiece

  • Experience it:
    Designed as an active, dynamic workshop, participants will engage with each other on a different level. You will witness your staff taking risks and employing innovative, creative thinking while having fun with each other.
  • Package
    The aim is to paint or sketch “The Masterpiece” on a larger scale according to your perception. Once the entire team’s segments are complete, they are fitted together to see the resemblance between the original image and the “created” image.
  • The final result can be quite breathtaking and could be mounted in your office.


In our present economic climate, few companies can afford to whisk entire teams of staff off to private game reserves or tropical island holidays for their corporate getaway.

The Cape Point Route offers a great alternative to reducing expensive travel costs of fur flung inaccessible destinations. Time also plays a factor as the Cape Point Route is situated just 40 minutes from Cape Town City Centre or Cape Town International Airport.  As you travel Ou Kaapse Weg you will find yourself and your team in a destination with open space and fresh air to open your minds to endless possibilities.

A few of Cape Point Route’s favourite corporate getaway secrets:

So if you had any doubt about getting out…. have a look at the Cape Point Route teambuilding options and think of all the results you are likely to achieve.

  • Working Relationships will be developed
    People have to work together and teambuilding will develop more effective working relationships with team members
  • Shared positive experience
    The whole day is very memorable, team members will be talking about it for the rest of the year. As such colleagues will share a positive and memorable experience which further develops bonds.
  • Strengths and talents
    Everyone gets fully involved in the day and there are lots of different roles so team workers will see their colleagues in a whole new light and will have a greater understanding of their strengths and talents.
  • Teamwork
    Everything during the team building day clearly requires teamwork and as such team members will leave with a greater awareness of how teams work and how to make them work better.
  • Reward
    Staff enjoy the day and feel that the company cares about them.

Call Cape Point Route to book your team building event on 021 782 9356. We also have great ideas for Year End Functions and Incentives.

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