Surfing – winter waves!

Cape Town is one of the coolest cities on the planet (Trip Advisor travellers voted it #1 destination in the World) and there is surf all year round. With 2 coastlines wrapped a national park – there is a lot of surfing on the Cape Point Route in particular. And whilst surfing is often associated with sun and summer, one of the winter secrets around here is that the surfing in Cape Town is the best time to get on your board and catch a wave!

During the Cape winter the North Westerly winds blow – which creates offshore winds in Muizenberg and that means long smooth rides and the best conditions for surfing at Muizenberg beach. In summer the prevailing SE can cause choppy conditions making it harder to learn!

If you are a first time surfer it may take a bit of convincing to kit up and hit the waves on a rainy blustery Cape Town winters day….   But the waves are good and it’s the best time for beginners to learn. Remember you will be wearing a wetsuit, the water can be warmer than in summer and if it rains, it doesn’t matter ‘cos you getting wet anyway!

Enough of the geography, climatology and convincing!  Surfing at Muizenberg is great in winter with the longest break in the Cape Peninsula. It may not be the quickest or the most powerful wave but it’s consistent. The most popular spot is in the corner of the bay and unsurprisingly it’s called Surfer’s Corner. There are a number of surf schools based here, where you can hire surfboards and wetsuits but surf lessons are the way to go regardless of whether you are a beginner or a more experienced surfer needing to fine tune those skills.  Cape Point Route recommends Learn 2 Surf.

Equipment: If you are taking a surf lesson, all surfing equipment is provided as well as the instructor, so all you need to bring is your bathing suit and towel for when you get out the water.

Learn 2 Surf is offering Winter School Holiday Surfing Courses

(FIVE day surfing courses for R1,200pp – a saving of R550!) Lessons start at 10am.

Other Surf Lesson Options from Learn 2 Surf:

  • Group surfing lesson (1:3): R350 pp
  • Private surf lesson (1:1): R500pp

Learn 2 Surf has a mission to introduce the healthy lifestyle, joy and adrenaline of surfing to people of all ages in a safe environment and they match instructors to the individual. You can book surf lessons through Cape Point Route. Click here.

If you are already proficient at surfing or comfortable to surf without an instructor, check out some of the popular surf spots on the Cape Point Route here.

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