Surfing in the headlines!

SURFING!  That water sport that involves riding breaking waves on a piece of equipment called a surfboard i.e. riding waves of course.

Surf's Up! Photo Brendon Tyree on Awesome Ocean

Surf’s Up! Photo Brendon Tyree on Awesome Ocean


Surfing originated in Polynesia & pre-modern Hawaii, but today has evolved into more than just a sport – it even has it’s own subculture. Surf culture appeals to notions of leisure, the ‘endless summer’ and has a laid-back, romantic & somewhat rebellious image.  Surfing has that “Carefree Casualness” image – from the sunbleached, wind swept look,  through fashion (bikini’s & boardshorts, hoodies & beanies), to the conversational lingo, music and films.

Iconic Surf Culture

Iconic Surf Culture


The ultimate goal of every surfer however is the desire to catch the perfect wave – in spite of weather, the ocean or geographical location.  We are lucky to have Muizenberg on the Cape Point Route. Muizenberg is the original hot spot of surfing and surf culture in South Africa.

Surfing has been in the headlines recently and has hit the international & national news:

  1. Billabong Pro Tahiti 2016
    Kelly Slater is King at Teapuho, Tahiti

    Kelly Slater is King at Teapuho, Tahiti

    The World Surf League tournament in Tahiti has just finished, with Kelly Slater taking top honours against John John Florence in the final at Teahupo.  That’s an unbelievable 55 CT elite tour wins for the 44 year old pro- surfer! Congratulations Kelly and well done to John John for taking the yellow jersey lead in the world title race. Read more on this story

  2. Surfing will be an Olympic Sport in 2020
    Surfing to be an Olympic Sport

    Surfing to be an Olympic Sport

    We’ve all been captivated by the recent Rio Olympics and the incredible athletes striving for medals. Surfing,A very popular sport in Cape Town, along with 4 other new sports (Baseball/Softball, Karate, Skateboard & Sports Climbing) has officially been approved by the International Olympic Committee to be added to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. More from SurferMag


  3. Chasing the Dragon: Surf Shack Outreach
    Chasing the Dragon, Surf Shack Muizenberg

    Chasing the Dragon, Surf Shack Muizenberg

    “The cure for addiction is another addiction…” Chasing The Dragon is a tale of young teens from the Cape Flats who have been rehabilitated through surfing by the Surf Shack Outreach in Muizenberg, Cape Town. This one part series produced by 7Films just won a Gold and Campaign Craft award at the 2016 Loerie Awards which took place in Durban from 15 – 21 Aug 2016.  More.

Check the video out..

Surf’s Up

Inspired by rehabilitation stories (& award winning doccies), inspired by pro surfers in Tahiti and inspired by the Olympics… isn’t it time to get out there and try surfing?!

Surfers Corner, Muizenberg at Sunrise Photo FB Surfers Corner

Surfers Corner, Muizenberg at Sunrise Photo: FB Surfers Corner


Spring is around the corner in the Cape and Muizenberg is the place to Learn to Surf.
Muizenberg Beach is known for its gentle sloping white beach and consistent waves, making it conducive for surf lessons.

Professional surfing instructors will show you how to surf quickly and easily.  Private Lessons are great for learning or improving skills. Group lessons are the cheapest way to get started, so grab some mates & book! The rest covered – all surfing equipment is provided. Get the details here

Would-be surfers should know that the sport of surfing can be highly addictive, and it has been known to become an all-consuming passion.

Cape Point Route loves Surfing (and Penguins)Surfing Google Images

Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

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