Spring Fishing in the Cape

fish-ing (noun) ‘fi-sh
 the activity of catching fish, either for food or as a sport (Oxford Dictionary)
            the area is renowned for its excellent deep-sea fishing

fish-ing (noun)
the process of tricking a fish into piercing it’s lip (Urban Dictionary)

Whilst some folk have no concept of the appeal of fishing, there are some that really are “hooked”.  The reasons for fishing are diverse – some people are out there to catch food to eat… it’s their daily meal and they usually enjoy the cooking of it thereafter.  Some people simply enjoy being out in nature, listening to the birds and the wind and the water.  For some it is an art – an art to choose the right tackle, the art of learning to read the water and the conditions and of course that final act – the art of persuasion! For some people it is about the thrill and the excitement of the chase, the haul and the final catch.  And for some it’s about the story and the fish tales afterwards!

Deep Sea Game Fishing

Deep Sea Game Fishing

Spring is about to SPROUT and not only do the flowers and sunshine arrive in the Cape but so do those shoals of TUNA which fishermen (& women!) look forward to every year. Fishing for tuna is not for the faint hearted as you have to travel long distances to catch these awesome creatures and it is a long and full day out in the deep. The lure of open ocean and large game fish can be irresistible but the occasion will test most grown men’s physical & mental abilities.

Ladies catch

Ladies catch

This is definitely not restricted to the male species alone, many ladies have fought fish bigger than themselves and performed more successfully than many of their male counterparts. (Please note we do caution inclusion of children under the age of 12 in a big game fish charter).  Yellowfin Tuna, Big-eye Tuna or Longfin Tuna and other species of game fish are the most common species on these deep sea charters.  The Tuna season  starts in September but should be best in mid-October.

Snoek - inshore fishing

Snoek – inshore fishing

At the moment (beginning of September) there have been some excellent catches of good sized Yellowtail and Snoek along the coast depending on the weather. Yellowtail and Snoek are both Game fish with formidable fighting qualities. This makes for a great half day of Game Fishing for everyone, including the kids and should run through spring until mid October.

Yellowtail Catch

Yellowtail Catch

Crayfishing is always long awaited and much anticipated and the hope is that the season will start on the 15th November 2013.  However this decision is entirely dependent on the authorities and we have no control of the timing or when the decision will be made.

It doesn’t really matter what your motivation or reason is for going fishing…. if you are wanting to wet a line, the professionals will guide you to whatever is biting at that particular time of year.

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