"Please will you marry me?" Places to Propose

“Please will you marry me?”  5 little words that carry a lot of weight for the hopeful candidate, but you want to get it right. Choosing the right setting for your marriage proposal can make all the difference.  Plan ahead for the perfect proposal  in the right place and live happily ever after!

This blog was inspired by Fiesal who recently got engaged to his beloved. Cape Point Route booked a romantic helicopter ride, wine tasting and transfer to Cape Point where he popped the question and she said YES! Thanks for letting us be involved in your exciting day! If you need help in your planning, feel free to contact us for assistance –because we love “LOVE!”

When planning your proposal always think of the person’s feelings and the kind of proposal you think they would like. The thought and effort will be more impressive when you go down on bended knee.  Cape Town is well known for its dramatic beauty with combination of mountain and sea, and whilst it may appear “cheesy”, it is hard to go wrong with a beautiful view, a sunset and a bottle of bubbly for your proposal.  Here are a few suggestions of our favourite places to propose in Cape Town .

Love at the Point: Cape Point Nature Reserve:  Diaz Beach
We love Cape Point and the thought of a white sandy beach all to yourself, a rock in your pocket and the whisper of the waves with you, make it a fabulous place to propose.  It’s windswept, wild and beautiful, with plenty of places for clifftop walks and super easy to combine celebratory bubbly afterwards at the magnificent Two Oceans Restaurant for celebration bubbly with ocean views. Diaz Beach is one of our favourite secluded beach spots in the reserve. Photographers love it for its awesome beauty and many moods. Couples love it for romantic beach walks & proposals!
Make a fun day out of your proposal and enjoy the journey getting to the point!
Some suggestions for getting there:

Love on the Beach: Noordhoek Beach
We may just mention sunset more than once in this blog but Noordhoek Beach at sunset is truely magnificent.  Noordhoek  Beach has a massive long stretch  of white sand, blue sky and aqua seas.  If you have a bit of time and the energy – walking down to the Kakapo shipwreck is exquisite and the further down the beach you go, the more privacy you have. We suggest a picnic and a bottle of bubbly and you’re sure to get a Yes!
An alternative is to do a sunset beach horse ride and then pop the question.  Read More..

Love in the Sky: Cape Point Helicopter Tour
This one seems to have a 100% YES record! The big question can be popped before the ride, during the heli flip or on landing. It seems the landing part is the preferred choice as it’s easier to go down on one knee when you hit solid ground. But she’ll be impressed, awed and stunned by the experience and the beauty of a helicopter flip over Cape Town.

Love with the birds: Boulders Beach: Simon’s Town
Penguins are incurable romantics and have witnessed more than one smitten chap falling on one knee in front of his darling! The African penguins at Boulders are monogamous and mate for life so proposals at this place of lifelong commitment seem stamped with approval! What’s more it is a drop-dead gorgeous location with granite boulders and calm seas, dotted with black and white penguins as though they have dressed in their tuxedos waiting for proposals and occasions. Do stop in at Boulders Beach Lodge & Restaurant for that post proposal bubbly!
For the more adventurous couple a romantic sea-kayak paddling to the penguin colony could be an original way to proposal. Read more..

Love on the rocks: Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is one of the most romantic towns on the Cape Point Route and whilst the bustling harbour and cobbled streets get most of the attention, there are sneaky spots that just shout “love on the rocks”.  Adjacent to the harbour are some craggy, easily accessible rocks that overlook the bay.  You can bask in the beauty of the surrounds as you pop the question, then stroll hand in hand to one of the fantastic restaurants in Kalk Bay for a dreamily decadent meal.

Love under the stars:  Tented camps
The best place for observing stars is far from the city lights, where there is less light pollution. The Cape Point Route offers great stargazing which is hugely romantic! Twilight, just after sunset but before the moon rises, is the best light to see the stars in.  We suggest one of the Table Mountain National Parks tented camps for your star gazing proposal.  They are in secluded wilderness areas with Smitswinkel and Silvermine tented camps having the best great open sky views. She’s sure to say Yes and then you can cuddle up around the fire before sleeping in a canvas tent right in the city confines!

Love on the high seas: Boat trip from Simon’s Town
This one is not a great idea if you have a tendency towards seasickness but fantastic and dramatic for anyone else!  Book a boat trip and go out to sea with an eternal expanse of ocean and endless blue skies as your witnesses!  If your budget allows, chartering a private boat may be the way to go but there are various boat trip options that will suit the occasion from Cape Point to Seal Island or maybe even a whale watching trip and let one of these magnificent giants of the sea jump for joy when she says yes.

Love on top of a mountain: Table Mountain National Park
We’ve mentioned it before but hiking to the top of one of the peaks in Table Mountain National Park will offer extraordinary views and a great deal of solitude for that special moment when you utter those all important 5 words. Chapman’s Peak is an hour walk from the drive, Noordhoek Peak is easily accessible from Silvermine Nature Reserve or there is a brisk 45 minute walk up Elsies Peak to reach some lofty heights. If in doubt take the cable car and propose on top of one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World: Table Mountain itself!

Love in a forest:  Kommetjie or Noordhoek
Milkwood forests were once abundant on the coastline of South Africa but now there are very few left. Kommetjie and Noordhoek have small milkwood forests, so for a leafy proposal head to Slangkop tented camp in Kommetjie, which is nestled in the Milkwood forest opposite Kommetjie beach or try Monkey Valley Resort which is built in an ancient Milkwood forest for a proposal under a forest canopy. Let the trees hear your whisper of love.

Love and a sunset:  Chapman’s Peak Drive 
There are numerous view points and picnic spots along the 9km drive that is Chapman’s Peak.  It is spectacular at any time of day, however sunset has a magical orange glow and just oozes romance! One good spot is to hang out at the forts on the Hout Bay end which are easily accessible and fairly private. You can follow the proposal with a romantic dinner at Pure Restaurant at Hout Bay Manor.

More ideas?
Still stuck, still needing help for practical details, still needing people to assist with the surprise? Contact us for those items that can make the special moment JUST RIGHT.  We know of other idyllic sunset spots, places to propose with spectacular backdrops, cozy eateries or trendy love nests!
Take a look at some of the restaurants for post proposal meals or bubbly and maybe one of our romantic packages too!

Contact us for help with your tailor made proposal to suit your needs and budget.

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