International Surfing Day – 20 June 2014

International Surfing Day, held annually on or near the date of the summer solstice—usually June 21 (Northern Hemisphere) —is an unofficial, environmentally conscious sports-centered holiday that celebrates the sport of surfing and the surfing lifestyle and the sustainability of ocean resources.  Contests and prizes are also part of the celebration, with surfing-related industries donating prizes such as surfboards and wetsuits. Another purpose of the celebration is to promote the popularity of surfing and to attract new participants.

Muizies Surfing In Winter #MeetSouthAfrica

Muizies Surfing In Winter #MeetSouthAfrica


International Surfing Day was established in 2004 by Surfing Magazine and The Surfrider FoundationInternational Surfing Day is a worldwide celebration of the sport of surfing. The day is observed with surf contests,barbecues, film screenings and other surf-related activities. Surfers also use the day to give back to the environment by organizing beach clean-ups, dune and other habitat restoration.  (Information from Wikipedia) 

#ISD14. Photo:

#ISD14. Photo:


Hurley have announced some big events around the world to celebrate the day and the joy of surfing. The SA arm of the brand will host a Surf & Enjoy | First Wave event in the mellow waves of Muizenberg on the day!

A spokesperson for Hurley said: “The idea behind the event is to share the stoke of catching your first wave, which means we’ll be taking as many people as possible surfing for the first time. We’ll be on the beach at Surfers Corner, Muizenberg from 10AM to 3PM on the 20th, doing exactly that – with the best coaches a beginner can dream of, ranging from Hurley team members like Franks Solomon, Josh Salie and Farryl Purkiss to a couple of surprise “high-profile” mates of ours, Dale Steyn and & Tim Harris (bring your autograph book).”

Dale Steyn-  Muizenberg

Dale Steyn- Muizenberg

“If you’re a first-timer, be sure to join. If you know a first-timer, be sure to tell them. If you’re not in the area, tell your friends that are.  If you’re an old-timer, come share the stoke. If you’ve got someone special that needs to learn the ropes, be sure to be there. If you just want to watch, laugh and have a good time, that’s fine by us!”

There will be snacks and drink available and all equipment will be provided. Check the Hurley Facebook page for more details.

Photo: Learn 2 Surf

Photo: Learn 2 Surf

If you can’t make it to Muizenberg on 20 June 2014 – sign up for a surf lesson and get in the water. It’s a great form of exercise and teaches respect for the ocean!  Read More or Book a Lesson  at Muizenberg.  

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