Spring into Action.. Your summer holiday booking guide

Spring into Action …. Your summer holiday booking guide.

01It’s Spring in Cape Town and summer is on the way.  This month we have been inundated with enquiries for the December festive season in Cape Town and we are really sorry but Cape Town is pretty much fully booked !  There is an occasional room for a night here or there but that 2 week dream vacation in a Beach House  is no longer an option!14

Southern Hemisphere Folks:   Yes South Africans – that’s YOU we are talking to!!!!
You have found your flip flops, started hitting the gym and realized that in 3 months time it is Summer Holidays and time for sun, sea, mountains and fun.  You have also realized that you have also woken up too late to secure your December- January accommodation in Cape Town!

Don’t miss the boat for 2015 – spring into action and plan your holiday for 2015 NOW! Take a look at our accommodation options in some of our beautiful villages next to the sea and send us an enquiry for next year to avoid disappointment. 08a

Northern Hemisphere Folks:
Your boots, scarves and hats are out and you may be planning roasted chestnuts on the fire or building igloos in the garden as your December break this year.  Why not think about jetting off to some well-deserved southern hemisphere and Cape Town fun for 2015 – think sunbathing, beaches, al fresco lunches, mountain walks, kayaking, surfing, biking, riding…..?

Don’t delay , book your accommodation NOW for a 2015 Winter-Pick-Me-Up and leave the cold behind.12

Tips for Booking your Cape Town summer Accommodation.

1.  WHEN? 
When do you want to travel and stay? Know your available dates (and if you have any flexibility on either side of your preferred dates). Bear in mind that many establishments have a minimum stay over the Peak Period.  Ask us? 05

2.  WHO?  
Who is coming on the trip with you?  Let us know how many people are travelling so we know how many rooms you need.   If you have kids tell us how old they are and can they share rooms.  If you are 6 adults – let us know if you are 2 couples and 2 single, requiring 2 double rooms and 2 single rooms. Ask us06

3. WHAT?
What type of accommodation are you looking for?  Do you want to stay in a self-catering house with a swimming pool or a rustic mountain cottage or a boutique hotel or a Bed & Breakfast with a view.  Ask us09

4.  WHERE? 
Where do you want to stay?  What area or town would you prefer  in Cape Town? If you are not sure please ask us to help.  The towns and villages on the Cape Point Route are mostly 30 minutes from the centre of Cape Town & all major attractions, but with fewer crowds. You are far more likely to have a surf before breakfast in the south peninsula than on Long Street! Ask us10a

5. WHY?
Why are you coming to Cape Town in summer?  Are you visiting friends and relatives, soaking up the summer sun,  seeking adrenalin activities, partying all night,  exploring the main attractions of Cape Town or simply doing rest & relaxation?  Knowing your interests can help us find you the right accommodation near your choice of activity – book early to get the right spot in the right location! Ask us 07a

6. HOW?
How much do you want to spend on accommodation?  Giving an indication of your budget will ensure that you are receive information applicable to your needs. If you are looking for a 4 star Bed and Breakfast with a view, you don’t want to be left with the choice of a campsite bungalow, an inappropriate guest house or 5 star luxury hotel room.  If you leave it to the last minute, those may be your only options. Ask us03

You have a choice!  

  1. Stay home for the 2015 festive season
  2. Book your year-end 2015 holiday vacation in Jan or Feb 2015 when everyone else gets home feeling inspired and there is a rush.
  3. Book Now to get the best accommodation spot in the best location.

13QUESTIONS: Ask us anything!

02Cape Point Route offers day tourspackagesaccommodationactivities and car hire in Cape Town’s south peninsula in addition to teambuilding events in Cape Town. Call  021 789 0093 or visit www.capepointroute.co.za  

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